Transitioning to London Living

The last six months or so have been full of changes and transitions. Jeff and I moved in together after our engagement in August, then we got married in December, with the cherry on top being an international move to London in January. Needless to say, it’s been a crazy few months, and now that we’ve settled in one place for more than five minutes, I’ve had the time to reflect and catch my breath.

And oh, my goodness, we’re living in London! If you had told me even a year ago this is where I’d be, I would have said, “You’re crazy.” But here we are.

When Jeff and I first started the process of moving, the most frequently asked questions from friends and family were, “Are you excited?” or “Are you nervous?” We were both so incredibly busy transitioning out of jobs, packing and getting rid of things, saying goodbye, not to mention our wedding, that we really hadn’t had time to dwell on being excited or nervous. Our standard answer was that it would hit us when we searched for a return ticket home realizing we were already “home.” But how would we react when that moment actually came, we didn’t know.

After a month of “living,” last Sunday was the first day we did not leave the apartment. We sat on the couch and turned on the “tele.” It was then it finally hit us. We were not going “home.” This was home. This would be our life for the next 2-3 years.

I was the first to say the words, “Can we go home yet?” as I stared out the window at the rain. It was a combination of feeling like sick with the food poisoning I was overcoming and seeing the rain for the fifth straight day that made me blue. Whatever people say about the weather in England is completely true, and we totally underestimated it. We are here to tell you it’s cold, rainy, gray, windy, and relentless.

It sounds glamorous and fantastic that we are getting this international chance to experience other cultures and see areas of the world we never thought we could. However, we merely have just transplanted from one city to another. We still have an apartment, routine, commutes, responsibilities and bills. It’s just many, many miles away from our comfort zones.

As we continue to navigate the outer zones of the unknown, we are trying to not dwell on the downsides of this crazy decision and still embrace it for what it is: an amazing opportunity to see corners of the world only reserved for temporary vacations or pages in National Geographic.

Do not confuse the tone for ungratefulness. This is amazing that we can walk in Hyde Park where Henry VIII hunted deer and go to Westminster Abbey to see Elizabeth I’s tomb. Anywhere you go, you are faced with hundreds of years old history and accents you  hear in the movies. We are not in Kansas anymore, and when I click my heels, my home is here in London. What an amazing thing to say and think.

Stay tuned for more adventures while we travel Europe and explore foreign life.


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