Doing as the Local Farmers Do

When I was beginning the move in process at the new flat, I was acquainting myself with how the mail was distributed. I saw something that was not addressed to me, but it was definitely destined. It was a flyer for a company called Abel and Cole, a local, organic food distributor that brings new deliveries to your door every week.


How exciting! I immediately signed us up and waited patiently for my first present. I sadly missed Peter, my delivery man, on the first day, but I came home to the box outside my door. I raced inside and opened it as if it was Christmas morning.

I was shocked! It came with apples, bananas, carrots, kale, celeriac, beets, blood oranges, onions, potatoes, and cauliflower. It also had a cookbook and additional recipes focused on the ingredients of the week! Be still my domestic heart.

The first night, I could not wait to make chili con carne with cauliflower. It was absolutely delicious and so flavorful.


Every morning for breakfast, I would saute kale with peppers and onions and add two eggs.

The next challenge was the celeriac. I have never had celeriac before, and I am certainly not a fan of celery–its distant cousin. However, I wound up making celeriac and fennel soup which I made with homemade vegetable stock made with a few of the onions and carrots that came in the box. Much to my surprise, it was incredible. Just enough spice to mask the harsh taste of the celery, and I added some homemade pesto to add some garlic flavor.

ImageThen, Friday was Valentine’s Day, so I was in charge of making a romantic dinner for us. We are not fans of following the masses in a public display of romance, so staying in has become a tradition. I made salmon with roasted brussels sprouts and potatoes from the box that I cut into little hearts. I know, best wife award, right here. But it wouldn’t be enough without dessert. I made a chocolate mousse out of avocados and cacao powder and topped it off with caramelized bananas. You would never guess it was made with avocados! It was so creamy and rich!Image

ImageThe last bit of the box included the beets and blood oranges. I have never enjoyed beets and still don’t; however, Jeff loves them. I saved one of them for him, but I peeled the beets and oranges and made them into a wonderful juice with ginger. What a success! I can peel the beets and drink them, too!

I am so excited to see what comes in tomorrow’s box! It has become a game for this domestic goddess!

Follow any of the links for the recipes!


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