Humidity and Tile: The Flat Part III

We moved into our flat about five weeks ago. Now, the first time I was given the keys for the flat, I nearly burst into tears. I was convinced Jeff would kill me because he has always said that one of his favorite things in life is a good shower.

I mentioned it before about the bathroom, and right now, that’s the only thing that we can complain about this place. But we have found it to not be as bad as it seems with just a few investments. So first off, the shower is underneath the front steps of the building, so as I mentioned before, one cannot stand fully upright in the shower. Image

I have, thus, deemed this the year of sitting showers. (Or the year we get super fit by going to the gym everyday!)

The other thing that is a major issue in the bathroom is the level of humidity. We take one shower, and the humidity level is up to 80%+ and the tiles are crying. That was our third investment, a humidity/temperature gauge. We were also curious to see how cold it got in our sub-level flat, too. (Yes, note the irony from the picture that the temperature is 66.6.)

ImageOur first investment was a shower curtain followed by a shower curtain rod, extra long to fit across the entire space. The previous tenants just sat and used the shower head without a shower curtain, spilling water on the cabinet under the sink, which when we moved in, was covered in mold and fuzzy white balls. Image

So, we both slaved away wiping the fuzzy muppets out of the cabinet to at least get the mold smell to a minimum and put up the shower curtain and rod to a) trap the heat inside the tub instead of dispersing it through the whole house and b) stop the water from soaking the cabinet further. I will say, you have not really lived until the tiles cry forcing the rod to slip and fall in the middle of the night forcing you to pry your fingernails from the ceiling.

ImageThe other obscene sound that occurs quite frequently is the towel rack. It crashes down with the slightest amount of pressure, so now it’s a frame for hand towels that are only used for decoration and a test of patience trying to screw it back into the wall with the tip of a pocket knife.

Another thing about the bathroom is the dryer. There is no filter for it to keep it from dispersing moisture throughout the room again, so we have decided to not use it and just hang our clothes like the rest of London on drying racks set up in our living room. But the dryer is also obscenely close to the toilet, which is why we don’t use that one. Thankfully, we have a second loo. But at least we have a second counter top.Image

Anyway, the dehumidifier is the best investment we could have purchased. After two hours of it on soaking up the sweating tile, we have about a litre of water collected! And we finally have the humidity down below 60%.

But then there is the question of when to use which machine. I’ll get into the radiators at another time, but we have a wonderful thing called Economy 7 electric. That means during the nighttime, we get charged less per kilowatt hour. So, do we run the washer during the night or the dehumidifier?

Last night was the first night we ran the dehumidifier over night, and this was the first morning in a while that I have woken up with a scratchy throat. Another effect of having dry air. So, it’s just a crap shoot for when to do which to be the most efficient, and we have another 8 months and 20 days to figure it out before we move out of here.


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