Hidden Gem: Kaffeine

One of the gifts I received for Christmas from my aunt was a book on coffeehouses in London. I have as a plan to find all of these places and try them out and form my own opinions, and I had the perfect excuse this weekend.

A couple friends from America were coming to London on their big anniversary trip and were staying in the area of Russell Square. 2014-05-18 12.51.59They arrived and were in desperate need of caffeine after a long flight from Texas, which is where this book came into perfect play. I picked a place called Kaffeine because it was close by, and we could give our friends a little walking tour of the quiet side of London. 

It was the perfect place to go for the group. They had an amazing array of lunch food which immediately caught my eye. They didn’t have a lot of gluten free options, but they did have a wonderful looking salad that had rocket, tomatoes, mozzarella, and peaches.

coffeeThey did have a plate of roasted vegetables as my alternative, but the peaches sounded too good to pass up. My 2014-05-17 13.25.22husband had a toasted croissant sandwich with ham and cheese while our friends had a tomato and avocado tart and tomato and avocado panini.

The coffee was pretty amazing as well. We all described it as a very dark roast, but not burnt like a typical Starbucks flavor. Our cappuccinos were rich and creamy with the milk.

The place was a little small and warm due to how many people were there (a point to their popularity), but it had a funky atmosphere with pallet boxes as chairs and exposed brick walls.

I would definitely recommend this little, neighbo(u)rhood place in Fritzrovia. A must!

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