Four-Legged Children: Part II

Still one of the biggest pains Jeff and I have being over in London is not having our pets. We have talked before about getting a dog or a cat while over here, but since we don’t know how long we’ll be here (2-3 years or more), we don’t want to have to abandon a new animal on top of the guilt we have for leaving our three in the states.

All KittiesWhen Jeff and I moved in together, our separate households of cats became a rag-tag team of three. I have a perfect princess black and white tuxedo cat named Tenis Racket (I may be a bit bias there) and Jeff has two opposite personality cats. Jack is a black Persian who comes when you call his name and also isn’t the brightest tool in the shed as he can stare at the wall or lick the door frame for an eternity. And Asia was an “old biddy” gray Siamese cat who believed she ruled the house with her shrill screaming when left alone and the constant need for a lap to sit in.

Our house was definitely interesting and never without a hiss or chase scene. We do miss them dearly as we see people with pets all the time. The people living above us have two cats, so at random times throughout the day, we can hear them chasing each other around the flat. But also–it doesn’t help that what the internet was made for (silly cat videos) spouts off a new compilation every day.

2013-12-21 15.42.14When we moved, we couldn’t bear the thought of giving up our animals for adoption or sending them to a pound. So after some begging, our families graciously accepted them. My parents took in Tenis and Jack while Jeff’s sister brought in Asia.2013-03-16 19.23.05

I get weekly reports on how Tenis and Jack are adjusting and doing. My parents have two cats of their own, so it’s a never-ending vaudevillian act when all four are in the same room for a showdown.

And Jeff’s sister would message or call us with stories of Asia and how she was doing with her. Over the course of six months, Asia and Jeff’s sister became very close. The Siamese cat had become a Siamese twin.

Several weeks ago now, Asia was having some problems breathing. She has had feline asthma for as long as Jeff can remember, so this was nothing new to us, but we did the best we could to help from a distance. Without Jeff’s sister, there’s no way we could have done any of what we could. But it was heart breaking to not be with her to care for her ourselves.

2013-12-21 10.48.59The issues Asia was having became worse as she couldn’t put her head down and breathe, so she was looking more and more exhausted. So, on Memorial Day, we got to see her for a last time before Jeff’s sister did the most difficult job we could have asked her to do. We really did appreciate being able to see Asia and try to get any recognition out of her over the Skype airwaves, but we were pretty torn up about having to let her go.

Asia was sixteen going on seventeen, so she lived a full life. Our other children are both about eight or nine, so we still have time with both of them. I do hope that in the next year or two, we have our next plan in place so we can figure out how to get our kids to join us or reunited.

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