Day 2: Candy #embracingbeauty

In my last post I mentioned that Jeff and I were on a detox. Well, we’re calling it a “lifestyle.” We have finally made the hard transition to one cheat meal a week. No more alcohol or chocolate during the week. We now save it for Saturdays only. We both have never felt better physically or mentally, but every now and then, the craving for chocolate comes mid-week and makes it extremely difficult to combat. 

Especially when you see things like this.


2015-05-02 14.58.46

As we celebrated the new royal princess and day 2 of the #embracingbeauty challenge, we went down to the Southbank Centre for our cheat meal and saw gorgeous displays of colorful marzipan of which I did not indulge in, and tables upon tables of glorious chocolate of which I had one cherry, rose and saffron truffle from the table in my cover image.

I don’t need to admit all what I had in my cheat meal, but needless to say, it was worth the week long wait.

More pics of the Streets of Spain Celebration below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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