Day 5: A Gift #EmbracingBeauty

When you think of Trafalger Square in London, one of the most iconic statues of late has been the big blue chicken. You can’t miss it, especially on a grey day. The cobalt blue sticks out like a sore thumb. But it was only on display for 18 months, and the new sculpture is something called The Gift Horse

It’s a riderless, skeletal horse with a bow around its neck that has a continuous ticker of the London Stock Exchange. While I’m sad the chicken is gone, I’m fascinated by this Gift Horse.

2015-05-01 14.17.42

I’ve seen it a few times since it went up in March of this year, but the day I snapped the picture, I realized how privileged I am. I was walking by this sculpture in the middle of the day toward a meeting regarding my new feature film project. I never thought I’d find myself in that position let alone among such beauty in this gorgeous city.

Here’s to #embracingbeauty and remembering the positives in life.

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