Day 6: Purple #EmbracingBeauty

I had a hit of creativity a few weeks ago where I felt drawn to the canvas. My mom is an amazing painter who specialized in purple hearts (and brilliant copy Monet prints). She even sold her works under the company, My Purple Heart. She would paint these gorgeous hearts of all colors and shapes and put them on our walls. 

I guess I have caught a fraction of her drive and eye as every now and then, I have the urge to pick up a paintbrush and paint something. Well, the other day, I just sat down and did this.

2015-04-22 18.57.46

The main reason I did it was because we were hosting a special guest for dinner, and we needed something to hang on our big, blank wall.

Since today’s word is “purple,” I’ll post the two I did here just for fun.

2015-05-03 19.51.44

Here is to #embracingbeauty and heck, #embracingcreativity.


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