Day 9: Watch #EmbracingBeauty

I was walking to the gym this morning, and I felt someone watching me.

2015-05-09 09.12.53-1

This cracked me up to see a colorful friend perched in the fence.

I’m now 9 days into this photography challenge, and I’m really enjoying it. But it does come with its own obstacles that I have never thought of before. I have a much more searching-eye looking for things that are not only picture-worthy, but also relevant to the key word of the day. But I have decided to also think outside the box and not do the easy image.

Today’s word: watch, for example. I thought about snapping a picture of a pocket watch I bought in Covent Garden, and then I thought about posting a picture of Harrods restaurant as I was people watching and enjoying high tea this afternoon. But a casual stroll struck a whole new idea that gave me another meaning to “watch.”

Here’s to continuing this challenge in #embracingbeauty.


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